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Are Digital Images Becoming A Thing Of The Past?

About 15 years ago the ability to capture an image and deliver it digitally started to become the way of photographers. The more this became the norm, the more clients began to expect their portraits to be delivered on a disk, drive or most recently shared online. While this method of delivering images definitely has its place, it has taken out one major aspect of getting your portraits done. Having the actual physical print or album in your hands. No one prints pictures anymore! I am absolutely guilty of this (still no wedding album after 6 years and only one picture printed and hung on our wall). We all have wonderful intentions of printing and framing our pictures or creating an album but our lives are so busy that our beautiful images usually end up stored on the disk and shoved in the back of a drawer, never to be seen again. This is the exact reason we decided that we would be a full service photography studio. Not only will we capture your most treasured moments in life but also we will deliver them to you in a stunning, heirloom quality album or beautiful pieces of wall art. We do all the work. Saving you time, energy and feelings of guilt whenever you remember you never got around to printing your images or that you’ve printed hundreds of your first born and barely have one printed image of your last (another thing I am all too familiar with).

I know, you may be thinking “I don’t see the point of having physical images when I can just store them on a drive or the cloud” or “I am trying to reduce the clutter in my home, storing images on the cloud helps me to achieve that”. I am all for a minimalist lifestyle although I am far from it as I clean the 700,000 toys in my house for the 25th time today, but I definitely see the appeal. The trouble I see with the minimalist lifestyle and photographs is that not one method of file storage is permanent. Most file storage methods are meant for temporary storage and all run the risk of becoming corrupt, which means all of your precious memories could be lost. While I know there is always a risk of losing your physical photos, the chances are much smaller than a disk or drive becoming corrupt. Also, as technology advances, you may not be able to open your files with your current computer. A couple of years ago Jarrett and I finally decided after being married for 4 years to have a wedding photo printed. I dug the disk out of our drawer, passed it to Jarrett since he does our ordering, but he could no longer open our images. His new computer doesn’t have a disk drive. While this tuned out to be a minor inconvenience since my old dinosaur of a computer still has the ability to open them, it was an eye opener for sure.

I still have my grandparents wedding album. It’s been through a lot but I can pick it up and look at it any time I want to. I don’t have to worry about having the correct device or operating program to access the images and I know that barring any disasters such as fire or flood, I will have it for many more years to come. I love knowing that and you will love knowing that your albums and wall art amongst some of the highest quality available ensuring you have them for years to come as well.

We have partnered with some of the highest quality professional printers to provide you with the best products we can. Our lay-flat albums are luxurious and beautiful and our metal wall art is absolutely jaw dropping. I know you may be thinking you could never display one of these images on your walls, even in your bedroom but trust me when I say you can and absolutely should! Our images are very tasteful and unbelievably beautiful. Also, what is wrong with a little bit of romantic sexiness in your bedroom?

If you’d like to learn more about the beautiful products we offer and would love to have your stunning images displayed on your walls on in a luxurious album please reach out and we will make that happen.

Take care,


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