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My Wife Told Me to Photograph Women in Lingerie

In 2018 my wife told me she wanted me to start photographing women in lingerie. Now I’ll admit a number of thoughts rushed through my head like is this some kind of a joke, what is the correct answer and where is the hidden camera but the main one was, why would women want a male photographer to photograph them in lingerie? I just couldn’t see how we could be successful by shifting our focus to Boudoir because I was certain that my being a man would hinder our abilities.

2018 was a year of growth for Jarrett Ford Photography, not only growth within our business, but personal growth as well. While we still are and always will be working on our personal growth we are finally in a place that we feel we can move our business to a new place and continue to expand. Business, much like life, is all about growing and changing and we are so excited with the changes we have coming for 2019. But before we talk about our plans for 2019, lets recap what we accomplished last year.

Last year we moved our business from digital only to a full-service photography studio. Now offering pre-consultations, outfit recommendations, hair and makeup, in-person ordering sessions and a multitude of fabulous, heirloom quality products ranging from stunning albums to museum quality wall art. We love knowing that our clients leave with products in hand and are not left to print them on their own after. I am the first to admit that every disk or drive we have been given of our beautiful professional images has ended up in the back of a drawer rarely looked at again and most certainly never printed and displayed. Since moving to full-service photography business, we have seen firsthand the awe and joy our clients experience when they view their images for the first time and we are hooked!

2019 will see us still providing our fabulous services and products however there will also be the addition of our Boudoir brand. The seed was planted last year when Nicole mentioned she wanted to move our business in this direction but since we were in the process of implementing so many other changes it was put on the back-burner till we were able to give it our full attention. We are now in a place to do so and we couldn’t be more excited. We want to use this avenue to empower and celebrate women all while providing a day of fun and pampering.

Being a stay at home mom of 4 small children, Nicole is no stranger to the overwhelming heaviness of motherhood and during her own personal growth this past year realized just how much she, as well as every other mother she speaks with and sees on social media, has given of herself in order to keep up with life as a mom. This realization sparked a passion in her that she has been unable to ignore and through this passion Nicole Ford Boudoir was born.

Nicole wants nothing more than to help women realize that they can still be themselves and be a mom. That they can still be beautiful, strong, healthy, empowered and sexy even while so much of their days requires them to be completely selfless. That spending time and money on themselves isn’t a selfish act and that they no longer need to feel invisible. And that they are perfect right now in this moment. Her passion has been infectious and I have now seen the other side of boudoir. My hesitation and reservations about being a male boudoir photographer were only because I didn’t fully understand how empowering a shoot like this can be. It has the power to heal, encourage, celebrate and lift up women. It’s beautiful, wonderful and inspiring and most importantly celebrates my wife for all that she does and everything she has sacrificed for our family. Her passion for empowering women and giving back to moms that have depleted themselves is contagious and I want nothing more than to support her and give that as well. Creating beautiful art is my passion. Now couple that with the opportunity to celebrate and empower women and I couldn’t think of a better “why” for our Boudoir studio.

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