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The Terrifying Reality of Our First Time

First Boudoir Session in Alcona Studio

We recently branched out into the wonderful world of boudoir and in the interest of being totally transparent I though it might be fun to tell you how I felt during our first boudoir session. I firmly believe that transparency and vulnerability is key in ensuring we can relate to our clients so that’s the direction I will be taking this blog. Also with all the perfect Instagram worthy lives we see on social media I thought it would be refreshing to show up in our truth and share that truth with you.

As you may know, I had initially approached Jarrett with the idea to add boudoir to our photography business. I had thought it through, (overthought it through) weighed the pros and cons and was certain it was what our business needed. What I needed. True to Jarrett’s nature he was a bit more hesitant as he needs more time than I do to marinate ideas over so I waited....and waited….and waited (I’m a little bit impatient) while it marinated. Once he was done mulling it over we started putting the idea into action. We put out an ad looking for some willing participants and were pleasantly surprised with the number of ladies willing to help us out. We chose the ones that seemed like the best fit and booked out first session. It was so great and positive and I was so happy to not only be turning a dream into reality but also giving women a chance to embrace their sexy and do something for them! Leading up to the session I was super excited with my only real concern being whether they were going to be uncomfortable. I had thought over every detail, or so I had thought, to ensure they were happy, comfortable and most importantly had fun. Turns out I had overlooked one minor detail, how Jarrett and I would feel during the session. Overlooking my feelings is one of my areas of personal growth I am working on but more on that another day.

I had not taken into consideration how I would feel during the shoot and here is where the transparency comes in; I was an absolute mess! As soon as that doorbell rang I was horrified, my stomach was in knots and my heart rate skyrocketed. I had no idea how or why we were doing this. Why had I ever thought this was a good idea? What if we fail miserably? Can we actually do this? For the record all these thoughts happened before we even opened the door so in about 25 seconds, leaving no time at all to process them. There was no turning back now. We couldn’t just leave her standing on the front porch although I’m sure if I could have found a way I would have. Here I had been so excited and pushing to move forward but once reality hit that it was actually happening I was freaking out, quietly in my head of course because I didn’t want to tell Jarrett that maybe this idea of mine wasn’t quite as great as I thought. Turns out he was having his own quiet freak out which you can read about in more detail next week.

What if we made our client feel uncomfortable? What if we said the wrong things and offended her. What if she hated her pictures? How am I going to have a conversation with a complete stranger standing in their underwear? Seriously, I think I was about to have a panic attack. Fortunately I was able to compose myself and “fake it till you make it” that I was comfortable and before I knew it I was. I’m happy to report that within minutes of her arriving all the stress and worry completely disappeared and I was reminded exactly why I wanted to do this in the first place. Why I wanted to celebrate women in all their beauty and perfect imperfections. We had an absolute blast and even joked that maybe we should be photographing in our underwear just so she didn’t feel so underdressed. Thankfully she didn’t feel that was necessary and we went on to have the most fantastic shoot. Another milestone that I am eternally grateful for and will never forget.

If you think that you’d like to experience your first time or you second or third we would absolutely be honoured if it were with us. Please reach out and we can schedule a time to have a conversation about beautiful you.

Take care of yourself and stay tuned for Jarrett’s edition next week.


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