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Why Did I Ever Let My Wife Talk Me Into Photographing Women In Lingerie?

Last week you all got to read about how Nicole felt during our first time, now it’s my turn to share just how calm, cool and collected I was leading up to and during our first boudoir session.

The day had finally come. The day that we were about to make huge changes to our business and I couldn’t have been more excited. I also couldn’t have been more nervous. You know how you feel when you are about to do something so insane like jump out of an airplane? I’ve never jumped out of a plane but if I were to imagine how I would feel right before it I think it would be totally comparable to how I felt leading up to the shoot. While Nicole focuses (stresses over, possibly even obsesses over) things like the studio space being absolutely perfect, what we have to offer the client and how we can ensure that they are beyond comfortable, I tend to think more about the technical side. I think about the poses, how to make our client look the best, how to best use the lighting we have available in our studio which for the record is stunning natural light and where the best place to put our client.

All was going well and I was really confident. I had everything sorted out until the doorbell rang and I lost it all. Every thought in my head was completely gone. I felt like Kelly Bundy from Married with Children in the game show episode when she forgets who scored four touchdowns in one football game. One fact in, one fact out, except all my facts went out, everything was gone. I couldn’t even remember my name. It was brutal. I was terrified and quietly cursing Nicole for this idea of hers. All her planning, prepping and thinking couldn’t prepare me for this.

As we headed to the studio we made small talk and then throwing me a huge curve ball, one of the first things out of our clients mouth was she wanted to start in the most revealing outfit she had! Most women want to work up to that but not this rock star. She wanted to get right down to it; no easing into this session and this revelation may or may not have caused a mild panic attack on my end. During said mild panic attack I excused myself so I could get something from the storage room. In case you are wondering what I was getting it was my composure. I was FREAKING OUT! I almost left. If my keys hadn’t been in the bedroom I’m pretty sure this blog post would have gone in a completely different direction starting with a text to Nicole saying “Sorry, I’m out”.

Luckily for me that didn’t happen and after some deep breathing exercises (we have four kids, I’ve learned a thing or two about deep breathing) I was able to calm myself down and focus on the poses and make my way back to the studio. Where my wife and our very first boudoir client ever was standing in her most revealing outfit for the shoot. There was no time to get used to it, no time to get comfortable, no time to even think. All my poses were once again gone and here I was wondering where the hell I was supposed to look. How could I do this without making her feel uncomfortable? What if Nicole was regretting our decision? What if I couldn't pull this off? I knew if I didn’t get my shit together my stressed energy was going to show and start to make our client uncomfortable as well.

So I pulled it together and did my best to not say things like “nailed it” or “ohh ya, like that” although I failed miserably on both accounts…oops. Once we were rolling and the ladies were having a good laugh at my posing abilities, which are spot on if I do say so myself, I fell into my groove and we, the team, the 3 of us KILLED IT and not only got some amazing images, had some laughs and made some pretty fantastic memories. A day to remember for sure.

If you’d like to see some of the photos from our first day feel free to check them out below.

And for the rare few that aren’t familiar with Married With Children, the answer to the question is Al Bundy, Kelly’s own dad.

Take care,


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